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What We Do

SmartMedia is a dynamic and innovative online marketing company that specializes in user acquisition. Utilizing user behavior metrics taken from in-house web properties, technologically advanced targeting tools and years of experience in the field, we are able to zero in on the perfect audience wherever they are online.

We Investigate

We research your product, test targets and traffic sources and optimize leads.

We give advice

We test ads and traffic sources and advise on graphics and placements.

We find your audience

We market your product on highly relevant niche sites and use unique targeting techniques on various display and social networks.

We bring results home

We find your audience and bring you the relevant leads.

How We Do It

Using proprietary online marketing applications, historical data and re-marketing tools, our team of experts are easily able to hone in on the perfect audience, all equating to faster turnaround times and a better ROI. We take this valuable industry gaming knowledge and apply it to various traffic sources including Google Display Network, Facebook, Email, and many other traffic sources. These factors, along with a prime focus on customer service, makes us an industry favorite.

Our Reach - Our Resources - Our Advantage

With millions of Facebook Likes, ad impressions and conversions via our in-house game portals, our insight into the gaming niche gives us an advantage.

Mystery Vale

Hidden Object Games

Tough Games

Male Oriented Games

Horse Plains

Horse Games

Slots & Bingo

Slots and Bingo Games

Games Educate Kids

Educational Games for Kids

Virtual Worlds Land

Virtual World Games

MMO Square

Massive Multiplayer Online Games


All online games

More Traffic Sources

After vigorous testing, we apply campaign specific targeting insights to various traffic sources including Google Display Network, Facebook, You Tube, Email, and many other display networks.

Our Stats

  • Over 5,000,000 Game Downloads a year across all our traffic sources
  • Over 10,000,000 Likes on Facebook
  • Consistent Top Page Search Results on industry terms and popular game keywords
  • Over 30% Returning Users

Meet the Team

Our Clients


SmartMedia proved over the past five years to be one of our most efficient and professional partners to work with. The creativity and understanding of the gaming industry reflect the quality of their work. If you are looking for a solid partner, SmartMedia would be the first place to be. :)

Alper Edge

ExMox Founder

"Extensive knowledge of the online marketing- and gaming space, high quality-standards and great account management… these are the pillars on which our cooperation with Smartmedia is built. They are a rock-solid business partner for iQU and I look forward to increase business even further over the coming years! Working with Smartmedia will literally be the smartest move you'll make as an online marketeer"

Mark Kamminga,

Sales Director EU at IQU

When I got asked to write a short testimonial for Smartmedia I was more than honored to do so. Why? Because they are one of the best marketing companies out there. Professional, experienced, creative and always think long term to try and reach your goals. After 4 years doing business with them they did not only grew to be one of our top partners I also consider Yuval and team as good friends. Looking forward to do a lot more business with Smartmedia in the years to come. My advice : Don't hesitate, just contact Smartmedia and you will see the results yourself...

Guus Esbir Wildeman

VP publishers @ Avazu EU

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Contact Us

SmartMedia Marketing
Derech Ha'Yam 11,
+972-48583435 +972-48583436
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We are always in search of new talent

We are currently looking for:

Job Description:
  • Web servers, Websites, Analytics tools.
  • Working with third party APIs: Facebook Ads/Graph API, Google's Ads API etc.
  • Working with Amazon's Cloud - AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • The major programming language is Java. Some work with C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
Job requirements:
* At Least one of the following:
  • Computer Science Bachelor Degree.
  • Military Programming experience.
  • Proven independent development capabilities.
* At least one year of experience. * High programming abilities. * High learning capabilities.
  • Proven Games development abilities
  • mobile apps development abilities
  • Client Side Expert:
    • JavaScript/HTML/CSS - Using modern tools frameworks and methods
    • HTML5 Expert
    • Experience with modern JavaScript/HTML frameworks - GWT, Ember, Angular etc.
  • Database Expert.
Software Engineer
Job Description:
Full-time job in Haifa
  • Paid advertising in search engines and content networks in a CPC/CPA model.
  • Creation, management, and optimization of campaigns.
  • Creating ads, planning landing pages, data processing, and report analysis.
Job requirements:
  • Working with partner's abroad (working hours beyond regular activity hours)
  • Analytical skills, showing initiative
  • Independence and team work
  • High level of English proficiency
  • Experience in marketing on Google - a key advantage
  • Experience in digital marketing
  • Experience in media buying
  • A degree in economics/statistics/business management/communications/industrial management
  • Knowledge of languages other than English
  • Proficiency in Excel
  • Designing knowledge/aesthetics
Media Buyer