SmartMedia is a dynamic and innovative Internet marketing company.

We combine deep marketing analytical skills with advanced in-house developed software tools to create, manage, and optimize web marketing campaigns.

We analyze each product and use our knowledge to bring the right audience to you for the right price.

Our services

In order to provide high-quality customer acquisitions, our media team analyzes each product and targets the right audience while utilizing a variety of media channels, such as Social, Search, Display, and many more.

Our portals are where players meet games.

We developed a wide range of portals in different niches with thousands of games and millions of players.

We create and manage specialized Facebook pages. We offer page design, fan acquisition and engagement. We have built highly targeted and engaged Facebook communities.

Our professional graphic team can design high-quality products for you, such as websites, landing pages, and marketing materials. All of our communities and websites are designed by our in-house team.

We can create the right tool or software that will make your business work better. We have a vast experience in developing desktop applications, web applications, and complex browser extensions.